Ethereum PRO,
A new path forward.

$ePRO | An ERC-20 growth token built on the fast & secure Ethereum blockchain with the intent of rewarding holders (investors) while achieving mass adoption.

Ethereum Pro | AS FEATURED ON

Decentralized Mass Adoption

At Ethereum Pro, we're creating a new space in crypto and forex trading for everyone. Low fees, quick transactions, and secure payments are some of the features that make $ePRO perfect for mass adoption. Get your $ePRO early.


DeFi tech (decentralized finance) gives you full control of your assets. Everywhere you go.

Full protection

Bots are blacklisted and blocked from manipulating the price of $ePRO. Protecting your investment.

100% Secure

Ethereum technology allows for locked liquidity. $ePRO tokens were released fairly to prevent risk.


4% of all transactions are rewarded back to the holders. Your tokens increase just by holding.

Tokenomics: the pros of Ethereum Pro.

Details matter. Don't skip the basics when choosing trading platforms to invest with. Ethereum Pro burned 60% of the supply. That means they can never be recovered.

100 Trillion Supply
60 Trillion Burned Tokens
Fast and Secure Transactions
4% of All Transactions Rewarded to Holders

One of the fastest growing tokens

4,700 investors trust $ePRO with their investments because, like you, they're tired of scams that keep coming up left and right. Ethereum Pro is one to trust.

Locked Liquidity
250,000 Holders First Goal
Mass Adoption & NFTs

Invest in the future of crypto.
Buy $ePRO today.

In our first week, we have 4,700+ holders of $ePRO. That's a 1500% increase from the first day. Investors like you can't wait to see $ePRO's value in a few years.

What $ePRO holders say

"I bought $ePRO cause it's new, hype, and has really good burn & return rates. The experience has been great. Lots of holders and lots of news coming. I expect huge things and the way things are going I see a great future!"

$ePRO Holder

"I was looking up $EMAX on Twitter and stumbled upon $EPRO, I noticed the logo and branding actually looked premium. So, I looked into the tokenomics and right away I was in!"

Crypto investor from

"First coin that's not a scam. I'm in. Holding and won't even check for a few months."

Jake C.
Crypto trader

"I'm just trying to be the next Jeff Bezos. My friends have been making insane 1000% gains on all these coins recently. So, I gave EPRO a shot because they look like they're really serious".

crypto trader (Not jeff bezos)

Latest news

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Soon to your phone

The $ePRO development team is working hard to deliver the iOS and Android wallets very soon.

Coming soon on iOS

Soon you won't need external third party wallets. You'll be able to store your $ePRO tokens safe and securely right on your iOS devices. In the meantime, click below to download "MetaMask".

App Store

Coming soon on Android

While "MetaMask" does the job and helps you get your $ePRO tokens in our early stages, Ethereum Pro wants to over-deliver. By mid 2021, we'll have our own wallets. For now, safely use "MetaMask".

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